Top 10 Films of 2022

I don’t know about you, but film came back to life in 2022. It didn’t go anywhere, but this year felt like a spark ignited in the industry and with its creators.

Maybe it’s because we have now adapted to our new normal and AMC no longer feels like a ghost town.

Or maybe it’s because this year, audiences experienced new stories that pushed our limits — and abilities to sit through outrageously long runtimes and not go to the bathroom.

But we were challenged this year – to think, to laugh, to feel, to love, to learn and to have fun like never before.

So without further ado, here are my top 10 films of 2022.

10. Terrifier 2

Let’s start with a bang. Although there are plenty of films in 2022 that are far more superior and worthy of being the “best”, there is no film I have talked about more than the sinister slasher, Terrifier 2. Notoriously known as the film “so gross” it was making viewers pass out in theaters, Terrifier 2 has proved itself as the “little gory engine that could” and that is why it’s on my list. With basically no financial backing from studios and one demented dream, the filmmakers were unafraid to cross the lines to create the story they wanted. And it got people TALKING and their butts IN THEATERS. For that I say, bravo. And to be candid, I’ll take more Art the Clown any day.

9. The Fabelmans

Nothing impresses me more than a well known creator sharing their truth — especially when that creator is someone you admire. Steven Spielberg’s semi-autobiographical family drama, The Fabelmans, is one of his most earnest films to date. Fueled with nostalgia, movie magic, and another over the top performance by Michelle Williams in a bad wig, this is one film every cinephile should see.

8. Marcel the Shell With Shoes On

The purest form of joy this year came from a charming 10-inch tall shell with a giant heart. Marcel the Shell with Shoes On is far more than a cutesy, stop-animation mockumentary starring an internet-famous icon. It is a delightful and touching exploration of human emotion, grief, and finding the beauty in life’s little moments. If you need some warm fuzzies, please take a moment to visit Marcel’s whimsical world.

7. RRR

If you’re looking for an epic with pulse pounding action, a bromance for the ages, and the best dance sequence of the year, look no further than RRR. This jaw-dropping Bollywood extravaganza about two revolutionaries in colonial India is a wild experience from start to finish with gorgeous cinematography and lots of heart. Don’t let the runtime scare you. The hype is real.

6. The Batman

Just when you didn’t think we needed ANOTHER rehashing of the caped crusader, we were blessed with Matt Reeves’s gritty, gripping and glorious adaptation, The Batman. Instead of falling into the stereotypical comic book flair seen on screen before, The Batman embraces motifs found in crime films to create a compelling narrative with more intriguing characters. Plus the score ROCKS.

5. Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

Who ever knew the Mona Lisa could be so lit? With layers of twists, humor, razor sharp writing, and a sensational cast (plus some notable cameos that made me fangirl in my seat), the newest Benoit Blanc murder mystery, Glass Onion, is one onion I could not stop peeling this year.

4. The Woman King

Sure we had superheroes and some of our favorite Avengers back in theatres this year, but no film had me cheering harder than The Woman King. With an unforgettable mainly-female ensemble helmed by a dyanamic and powerful leading performance from Viola Davis, this energetic and empowering refresh to the historical epic SLAYED in every single way.

3. Tár

A thrilling look at abusive power and cancel culture, Tár is a challenging character study of acclaimed conductor, Lydia Tár — a genius and a monster. Powered by a tremendous, career-best performance by the incomparable, Cate Blanchett, Todd Field’s drama commands your viewing and your attention. This is one of those watches you’ll spend weeks over analyzing, reading think pieces on and unable to get out of your head.

2. Top Gun: Maverick

Critics and audiences normally disagree. However, in 2022, everyone came together for the need…the need for speed!! Top Gun: Maverick is an absolute marvel, delivering a rare sequel that surpasses its predecessor with thrilling, pulse-pounding cinematography, bold characters, and a nostalgia-filled narrative that is both genuinely moving and a total blast. Top Gun: Maverick is proof that FUN movies can also be GOOD movies.

1. Everything Everywhere All At Once

Every now and then, there comes a story that shakes you to your core. It changes your life and reminds you why you love film. Everything Everywhere All At Once is that film. Wildly original, perfectly executed, brilliantly acted, and absolutely captivating from start to finish, Everything Everywhere All At Once is nothing short of a cinematic masterpiece. It is not only the best film of 2022 but one of the best films I have experienced in my lifetime. If you haven’t experienced this spectacular, make it your 2023 resolution.

Honorable Mentions: Triangle of Sadness, Pearl, Guillermo Del Toro’s Pinocchio, The Northman, and The Wonder.

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