“Matilda the Musical” is an infectiously fun, show-stopping joy.

The remarkable tale of Matilda Wormwood comes alive for a new generation in the new Netflix adaptation, Matilda the Musical.

For those of you unfamiliar with the famous children’s tale, Matilda is an intelligent child who goes against all odds to stand up against her oppressive parents and tyrannical headmistress.

Although this isn’t the first film adaptation of the beloved Roald Dahl novel (shout out to Danny Devito’s 1996 gem — a defining work of my childhood), it is the first to adapt the award-winning West End and Broadway productions to the screen. And quite candidly, as a fan of the musical, I have been very excited to the return of the “Revolting Children”.

Matilda the Musical is a lavish production with wickedly entertaining musical numbers, dazzling dance sequences, a stellar ensemble of child actors, and a stand out performance by Emma Thompson as the infamous villain, Miss Trunchbull.

Director, Matthew Warchus, embraces the source material’s childlike whimsy, wonder and wit to create a very entertaining adaptation for the entire family to enjoy.

That being said, the focus on a creating a full family experience removes some of the story’s depth. For example, certain musical sequences have CGI overload that take away from emotional core of the song (i.e “Quiet” or “When I Grow Up”).

Nevertheless, you cannot help but ignore the film’s flaws and fall in love with the catchy soundtrack, the children and the heartwarming messages of creating your own narrative and standing up for what you believe in.

So. Do yourself a favor and end 2022 on a positive note.

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