“Marcel the Shell with Shoes On” is the purest form of joy.

Back in 2010, the world was introduced to an adorable 1-inch tall shell named Marcel (Jenny Slate) through a series of stop motion shorts on YouTube. He was (and continues to be) a phenomenon and man oh man — is he PRECIOUS.

Now in 2022, Marcel and his delightful whimsy return in a feature length film, Marcel the Shell with Shoes On. The quirky A24 mockumentary follows Marcel, who lives alone with his grandmother and pet lint, dreaming of finding his long-lost family.

As an fan of the shorts and an individual passionate about finding beauty in simplicity, I am so happy to share that this is probably the most wholesome fun I’ve had the movies. Like ever. PERIOD.

Marcel the Shell with Shoes On isn’t just a cutesy short blown up for the big screen. Yes. The narrative is full of its staple charm and original sense of humor. However, Marcel the Shell with Shoes On is so much more. It is an endearing, cathartic and comforting exploration of loss, living, and the terror of change. Marcel may seem like just a shell with a simple life, however his insights are full of depth and emotional gravitas.

And that is what makes the entire world of Marcel so relatable and captivating. His wondrous worldview is pure and his love for his family is enormous, that I swear it is impossible not to fill up. And yes. What I’m saying is that Marcel the Shell with Shoes On made my best friend and I cry.

Marcel the Shell with Shoes On exceeded all of my expectations and has slowly snuck its way into becoming a top favorite of the year.

Final Thoughts: Marcel the Shell with Shoes On will give you all the feels and leave you with warm fuzzies.

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