“Fast X” embraces the chaos and Momoa is thriving.

Get ready to “fast-ten” your seatbelts for another fever dream mission full for more action, more fast cars and of course, MORE FAMILY.

Since the last installment, I have fully embraced the insanity of this franchise. I know these films won’t be complex. They aren’t trying to send us compelling messages or challenge us. Performances won’t blow me away and the writing will be cringeworthy. But what I do KNOW is that I will be mindlessly entertained and forget about the world.

And forget about the world I did.

Bombs rolling through the streets of Rome, kids leaping from cars, Rita Moreno giving a family grace decked in golden necklaces and a random Pete Davidson character eating magic muffins — “Fast X” has it all.

And although cars aren’t catapulting into outer space or stopping submarines, “Fast X” boasts one thing no other “Fast” movie does — Jason Momoa.

With crazed charisma, childlike enthusiasm and a flawless pastel wardrobe, Momoa’s villainous Dante is the best part of the entire film. To be candid, the movie would not have been as engaging if he wasn’t casted.

Yes. I know this entire review sounds bonkers. You’re probably thinking, “oh gosh. This broke Heather.” But guys, once you embrace this chaos and turn off your brain, I promise you’ll have more fun. Because nothing matters as long as you have…FAMILY. Ride or die, baby.

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