“F9” is a fever dream of insanity.

Ride or die, baby.

After going off the grid to live the quiet life, Dom (Vin Diesel) must return to save the world with his crew from a highly skilled assassin — his brother (John Cena).

Here’s the thing about The Fast and the Furious — the franchise knows exactly who it is and never tries to be more. You go in expecting an average plot with nonstop action, little logic, fast cars, and *says in deep Vin Diesel-like voice* FAMILY.

And it does what it does well, and the fandom adores the franchise.

However, F9 is basically a fever dream of preposterous action sequences, cheesy dialogue, and you know, FAMILY.

The premise basically feels like a set up for one of SNL’s Stefon sketches. F9 has everything: strong magnets, gritty flashbacks, cars that fly in space, Star Wars jokes, — and who’s that? Oh it’s a random Cardi B cameo!

I swear, F9 is probably the most I’ve laughed in a long time. I know that’s not the film’s intention, but watching these actors FULLY commit to something so RIDICULOUS and not be able to burst out laughing (although John Cena looked like he was about to), is commendable.

None of it makes sense but are you really surprised?

So. Listen. If you’re looking for the definition of a entertaining and utterly mindless summer popcorn blockbuster — F9 is your best bet.

Oh. And don’t worry if you haven’t seen any of the others film. It truly doesn’t matter.

Nothing matter as long as you have…FAMILY.

Final Thoughts: Ride or die, F9 is the most ridiculous and hilarious entry of the franchise.

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