Halle Bailey dazzles in joyous “The Little Mermaid”

After what’s felt like years of anticipation, we can all finally travel under the sea in Rob Marshall’s live action version of “The Little Mermaid.” The timeless tale follows a young mermaid (Halle Bailey), whose forbidden dreams of being human forces her to make a deal with a sea witch (Melissa McCarthy) to experience life on land.

“The Little Mermaid” is one of the best live action adaptations Disney has created despite its wonky CGI moments and the fact my favorite lyric was removed from “Poor Unfortunate Souls.”

Helmed by a perfect performance by Halle Bailey, this adaptation enhances the narrative from the original with a fresh and exciting perspective. Ariel’s nativity and brashness has developed into inquisitiveness and passion. Her bratty, “but daddy, I love him” energy has grown into a desire to understand humankind…and also be with the dreamy prince — but she gets to know him first.

Even Eric gets character development and a back story! This change to the story added more depth to an otherwise sort of vapid fairytale (sorry guys, Ariel just wasn’t as bright in the OG).

As I mentioned, Bailey is perfection. Honestly, no notes. A star is born, y’all.

Frankly, the entire ensemble is spectacular. From Daveed Diggs’s fantastic voice work as Sebastian to Jonah Hauer-King’s daring work as Eric, everyone is so committed to bringing this story to life. Candidly, I still would have rather had Lizzo or Nina West as Ursula… but that’s another can of worms…

All in all, Rob Marshall knocks it out of the park…or ocean. Definitely take a trip under the sea as soon as possible!

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