“Halloween Ends” in the most awful and disappointing finale.

Four years after the events of Halloween Kills and Halloween (2018), the rebooted trilogy comes to a close with the final showdown between Laurie and Michael Myers in Halloween Ends.

What I loved so much about the revival of Michael Myers in 2018 was its commitment to nostalgia but also the way it enhanced the story with more insights into Laurie. It was a fun ride. And then there was the sequel, which was not great. But, hey, this was all leading to the grand finale, right?


What should have been an ending of terrifying proportions turns out to be a poorly crafted, disjointed, melodramatic disappointment. Halloween Ends is not fun. It is not scary. It is not even the least bit enjoyable.

I think I laughed in disbelief more than anything else, because the plot is so ridiculous. And with that…


The best part of Halloween (besides Jamie Lee Curtis — don’t worry I’m getting there) is Michael Myers. He’s a brutal and mysterious being. An icon of not only horror, but the Halloween season.

Yet Halloween Ends focuses on Michael Myers basically having an “unpaid intern” do the work until the very end. He’s probably in the film for 15 minutes. He does damage, but I couldn’t have cared less about his creepy padawan.

I understand the film wants to focus on the theme of evil — particularly how individuals can be heavily influenced by society and their surroundings to “turn” evil. (Hence the “intern”).

But this misfires. And isn’t really what I signed up for in the finale of a slasher franchise.

However, my biggest qualm is the way Halloween Ends handled the character of Laurie. It not only is lackluster, but a MASSIVE disservice to the talents of Jamie Lee Curtis.

Sure, Laurie has a very satisfying finale, but this is not the way to send off the most iconic “final girl” of horror. I am happy Jamie Lee Curtis got that paycheck, but she deserved better closure.

So final thoughts? AMC is playing the OG Halloween all the time. Just stick to that. And if you decide you want to finish this trilogy, just don’t get your hopes up.

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