“Halloween Kills” your hopes of a solid sequel.

Following literally minutes after the events of 2018’s Halloween, Michael Myers escapes Laurie’s (Jamie Lee Curtis) caged trap in her basement (and a and blazing fire) only to return to his bloodbath of killings. However, this time Haddonfield and some of Michael’s survivors rally together to take down the masked menace.

Halloween Kills relies too much in KNOWING that it is not the grand finale to the trilogy (Halloween Ends is slated to arrive around fall of next year).

And with that being said, the plot doesn’t really go anywhere. It dances around any resolutions, and just gives us a series of grisly kills and some moments of pure ridiculousness.

There isn’t really any suspense…or terror…which is you know, what makes horror movies fun.

Now, I am sure die hard fans of the film franchise will be happy to see the survivors from the previous films reprise their roles. But in my opinion, they didn’t add anything to the story.

Now, these are all individuals who have survived traumatic events and have been dealing with those repercussions for 40 years. They are grieving. They are angry. If director, David Gordon Green, focused more on the intimate moments of human emotion similarly to how he focused on Laurie’s struggles in the last film, we could have had a very interesting and compelling sequel.

Green started doing that in the last film with Laurie, who thankfully is the bad ass that keeps this ship afloat. But. No. Why would we do that? Instead Green stuck to sadism and silliness.

Our band of survivors end up looking like a parody of Beauty and the Beast’s “Mob Song” with guns and baseball bats, chanting “Evil Dies Tonight” instead of singing.

But if there’s one thing the film has going for it, it’s Jamie Lee Curtis. She is the bad ass that keeps this ship afloat. And based on the film’s finale, Curtis is gonna kill it in the finale. Pun intended (I hope).

So. Back to the big question — should you watch Halloween Kills? Meh.

Watch it for Curtis, and if you’re bored and need a Halloween-themed watch. It is on Peacock after all.

But if you are expecting anything revolutionary or to be kept on your toes and frightened, set your expectations low.

Very low.

Final Thoughts: Halloween Kills is a chaotic and clumsy disappointment.

OH AND MAJOR P.S. Judy Greer freaking SLAYS.

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