“Halloween 2018” is a solid mixture of horror nostalgia and new age terror.

He’s baaaaaack…

40 years after Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) survived a gruesome attack from the crazed killer, Michael Myers, she discovers he has escaped the facility. When Myers returns to town, Strode must face this masked maniac once and for all.

Rest assured Halloween fans, this is certainly the best installation since the original in 1978. Director, David Gordon Green, does a solid job of going back to its slasher roots to pay homage the original but also incorporates effective elements that make the plot more interesting than other slasher films.

Halloween 2018 takes time to dig a little deeper into the story, asking a serious question  – what happens to the protagonist after these horrific events? Jamie Lee Curtis does a fantastic job of bringing Laurie Strode back to the screen. This version of Laurie is still traumatized by the events of her past, struggling with PTSD. However, this high-strung paranoia and fear is what drives her and makes her a hero worth rooting for. I will admit I spent most of the movie anticipating her epic showdown with Michael and have no fear horror fans – it is worth the wait.

Is this a horror masterpiece? No. But it certainly is a smarter slasher film that will be a Halloween treat for moviegoers.

Final Thoughts: Halloween 2018 honors the past while incorporating new chills and thrills. Certainly a great movie option just in time for the Halloween season.

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