“Rosaline” rewrites a Shakespearean classic.

Before Romeo met Juliet, he was with Rosaline (Kaitlyn Dever). And let’s just say, she didn’t take the break up too well. Rosaline is a comedic retelling of Shakespeare’s tale of star crossed lovers, available to watch exclusively on Hulu.

Move over Rosencratz and Guildenstern, a new obscure Shakespearean character is taking the spotlight!

Rosaline is a light-hearted, charming and satirical retelling of the classic love story. It is a fun flick from start to finish, with a beautiful production and even more beautiful costumes.

What I admire about Rosaline most is that it is unafraid to embrace the ridiculousness surrounding this famous couple and it shamelessly put them on blast.

As a Shakespeare fan, I enjoyed the contemporary twist, the modern day soundtrack, and just loved getting Rosaline’s perspective on the whole ordeal.

Dever shines with sarcasm and fiesty wit as the titular role. There is something so endearing about her in every role, but she REALLY thrives in this space with brilliant comedic timing. Minnie Driver, who plays Rosaline’s nurse, also shines with her minor role. I could have definitely used more of her, because that’s what every movie needs: more Minnie Driver.

Rosaline is a joy but it is predictable and relishes in the cheese-factor, which may turn viewers off. But I also wonder how those not fond of Shakespeare will enjoy the film, as it is very much for an audience who appreciates the original text.

But for me, it was a 96 minute escape into a joyous, feminist, and fun film that is worth a watch.

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