“Not Okay” is a chaotic yet biting satire.

Chaotic clout chaser, Danni Sanders (Zoey Deutch), is desperate to be famous and decides to fake a trip to Paris to update her social media presence. However, when a terrorist attack occurs in Paris and everyone mistakenly assumes she is a survivor, Danni keeps her lie going.

Darkly entertaining and hilariously uncomfortable, Quinn Shepard’s biting satire has a lot to say about our toxic society. Not Okay is a scathing, self-aware, and shocking look at influencer culture — the destructive path for “follows” and “likes”. Although its narrative is a bit muddled, I still found the story provocative and compelling.

Not Okay obviously would be less than okay if it wasn’t for Zoey Deutch. She is a vile and completely unlikable protagonist that will make you physically cringe but somehow, you still want her to come clean and turn it all around.

Even though Deutch shines, it is newcomer, Mia Issac who steals the show with her raw and powerful performance as a survivor of a school shooting. Issac’s emotional vulnerability is what turns Not Okay into more than just a statement on social media. She sheds a light on the impact of trauma, our nation’s violence and the struggle to implement change.

Her character’s final spoken word performance is what will stick with you and is what makes Not Okay more than okay.

Final Thoughts: Not Okay is more than meets the eye. Come for Zoey Deutch. Stay for Mia Issac.

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