“Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris” and effortlessly charms.

Based on the best selling novel of the same title, Mrs. Harris (Lesley Manville) embarks on a once in a lifetime trip to Paris to purchase a haute couture dress by Christian Dior.

Imagine the aesthetics of Paddington meeting the fashion world of Phantom Thread, with a dash of Ted Lasso’s kindness. Now THAT is Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris. In other words, this film is an utter delight in every single way.

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris is simple, light, and formulaic. It doesn’t dare to dream like it’s protagonist, however, it charms at every opportunity with its dreamy Parisian background and ensemble of attractive characters.

The core of the film is its sweetness, illuminated by Lesley Manville’s performance as Mrs. Harris. Her charisma, purity and irresistible charm is what makes the film so joyful.

I cannot tell you how much I’ve smiled and audibly said “awe” in the longest time. And it’s all because of her and her caring personality. We need more Mrs. Harris protagonists in our world.

Let’s be real, this was not the best film I have seen. But sometimes we need a dose of light, wholesome, comfortable entertainment — just like we need a cozy blanket or a warm cup of tea. And for me, on this doozy of a Wednesday in July, Mrs. Harris is exactly what I needed.

Final Thoughts: Smiles from start to finish. I would pay big money to see Mrs. Harris and Paddington co-star in a film together.

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