Everything about “The Gray Man” is flashy, fun and a bit basic.

The Russo Brothers take Netflix by storm with their newest film, The Gray Man. The star-studded, action-packed thriller follows the C.I.A’s most skilled mercenary, Court “Sierra Six” Gentry (Ryan Gosling), as he is hunted down by a sociopathic former colleague (Chris Evans) for uncovering some shady agency secrets.

Ryan Gosling.

Chris Evans.

Ana De Armas.

Regé-Jean Page.

Before I dive in, I have to ask, can the ensemble of The Gray Man be any more beautiful? Well yes, they could have added a shirtless Miles Teller, but I digress. You have to give Netflix and the Russo Brothers serious credit on scoring some of Hollywood’s top heart throbs.

ANYWAYS. Back to the reason you’re here. The review.

The Gray Man is Netflix’s answer to the big budget summer blockbuster. It’s flashy. It’s loud. It’s packed with action, dizzying drone shots and large title cards. It’s kind of like a store brand version of The Bourne Identity, but way prettier to look at (Sorry Matt Damon).

And although we’ve established the cast is good looking, they also do a solid job with the source material. Gosling is a charming and heroic protagonist, while De Armas establishes herself as a strong action star.

However, it is Evans and his mustache steal the show as the crazy and charismatic bad boy. Honestly, I think we all deserve more bad boy characters from Evans, because he has so much fun with it.

But even though this popcorn flick is forgettable, it’s still a entertaining night in. And that’s not always a bad thing.

Final Thoughts: An ideal summer flick for a Friday night in but don’t expect anything stellar.

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