Sweet and simple “Luca” is a charming testament to friendship.

What happens when you mix The Little Mermaid with a very PG-version of Call Me By Your Name? You get Disney and Pixar’s latest film, Luca.

Luca follows best friends, Luca and Alberto, as they embark on an unforgettable summer adventure in the Italian Riviera. Oh except, they’re actually both sea creatures disguised as humans, hanging out in a seaside town that hates sea creatures.

So. What could possibly go wrong?

Unlike Pixar’s emotional Crown Jewels, such as Soul or Coco, Luca sticks to remaining simple, light hearted and sweet. It’s an entertaining tale filled with charm, heart, joyous characters and vibrant animation. The picturesque landscapes and colorful atmosphere had me craving to go back to Italy in the worst way.

Don’t get me wrong — there isn’t anything bad about Luca. It’s the equivalent of a refreshing gelato on a hot summer’s day. Plus, little kiddos will adore the film and its familiar formulaic storyline.

However, being a Pixar piece, I just excepted a little more depth, especially coming off of the heels of Soul’s tremendous praise and accolades.

Luca falls into predictable territory and isn’t anything revolutionary, despite its undeniable potential to become more than what it is. C’mon. We all know Luca and Alberto would have been the PERFECT couple, just saying.

But nevertheless, Luca is a pleasure to watch and will have the whole family craving a trip to Italy…or at least wanting pasta.

Final Thoughts: Far from Pixar’s top tier films, Luca still manages to create a joyous, refreshing and gorgeous narrative.

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