Innovative and touching, Pixar’s latest is a beautiful “Soul”.

What are you passionate about? What do you want to be remembered for? Pixar digs deep in its latest film, Soul.

After a successful gig at a jazz club, Joe Gardner (Jamie Foxx) gets into a critical accident separating his soul from his body. Joe is instantly transported to a realm, where souls discover their passions and traits before being sent to earth. Joe embarks on a wild adventure to reunite with his body before it is too late.

Fueled with passion, humor, intelligence, and a banging soundtrack, Soul is one of the most mature, poignant, and beautifully crafted films from Disney and Pixar.

Soul is simple conceptually speaking, but it asks the important questions so many of us contemplate throughout our lives in such a creative and unique way. You know, only the way Pixar can successfully tell a story.

I see adults enjoying this film and identifying with more of its complex themes more than children will. Not that children won’t enjoy it — Tina Fey’s shenagians as Twenty-Two will surely have them giggling.

But what I love the most about Soul is that it gives us a chance to think about what we really want to do with our lives in an authentic way.

After the tulmerturous year we have had, we all need this sort of inspiration as we head into a new year.

Soul is a celebration of life and encourages us all to embrace life itself to its fullest and do what sparks our fire.

Final Thoughts: Beautiful, smart, and innovative, this joyous film made my Soul take flight.

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