“In The Heights” is a vibrant musical celebration full of energy and heart.

On the island of Manhattan, in the neighborhood of Washington Heights lives a tight knit community of dreamers, including bodega owner, Usnavi (Anthony Ramos).

Based on the Tony Award winning musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda, In the Heights, is a vibrant celebration of dreams, music, love and the diverse neighborhood of Washington Heights.

I never got around to seeing the production on Broadway, however, Jon M. Chu’s artistic direction brings the story to the big screen in a beautiful and joyous way.

In the Heights is a brilliant blend of old and new movie musical magic, which should keep a plethora of theatre nerds content.

Its contemporary themes and inspirational lyrics are set to Busby Berkeley-esque musical sequences draped across the vibrant urban landscape of uptown New York City.

Despite the fact that this isn’t my favorite musical soundtrack (sorry, guys), unforgettable numbers like the dazzling pool party of “96,000” or the dream ballet of “Paciencia Y Fe” make this film unforgettable and so unique.

But behind its spectacular atmosphere and multitude of plot lines (yeah, my friends, there’s a lot going on In the Heights), is a cultural experience like none other.

Their dreams. Their hopes. Their challenges. Bringing this musical to the big screen gives a marginalized community its well deserved spotlight in an authentic way.

And on another note, after a stressful 2020, THIS is the movie musical we needed. This is the experience you need to see on the big screen and a great kickoff to the summer season.

Final Thoughts: In the Heights is an extraordinary and energetic musical full of heart, hope and heat.

P.S. The little Hamilton hold music Easter egg is *chefs kiss* perfection.

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