“Yesterday” has a wonderful concept but doesn’t live up to its potential.

Jack (Himesh Patel) is a struggling singer-songwriter whose life turns upside when he gets hit by a bus to wake up in a world where The Beatles don’t exist. Jack seizes his opportunity to start performing their songs as his own, becoming an overnight sensation.

When I first heard about Yesterday, I was highly intrigued by the original storyline — especially when everything this summer has been a remake, sequel or prequel. With such masterpieces of modern music and such a quirky concept, I had very high expectations.

Unfortunately, Yesterday misses the mark. The script is lackluster, disjointed and relatively formulaic. There was such potential to create something special but instead this concept is just wasted. And I am all about suspending reality, however there is a MOMENT where I literally was so turned off, I groaned.

Don’t get me wrong, Yesterday is charming, simple and there are a lot of laughs thanks to Kate McKinnon, who literally makes every project lemonade.

To be honest, people who thoroughly enjoy this movie are experiencing what I like to call the Bohemian Rhapsody effect where the music is just so damn amazing that audiences ignore how mediocre or bad the screenplay is. Moviemakers need to realize you need more than great music to create a successful film. But we can discuss that another day…

Final Thoughts: Sadly the music of the Beatles couldn’t save Yesterday from being forgettable.

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