Smart and timely, “Late Night” is a bright workplace comedy.

Molly (Mindy Kaling) gets her big break when she becomes the first female staff writer for legendary late night host, Katherine Newbury (Emma Thompson), who is on the brink of losing her show.

Although cliché and predictable, Late Night is a witty, smart and authentic workplace comedy. Kaling (yes, she wrote the screenplay too!) managed to have a variety of issues effortlessly tackled throughout the film such as sexism, ageism and diversity in the workplace.

Emma Thompson serves up a truly impressive performance as the cruel and complicated Katherine while Kaling is charming as per usual. The two fierce female definitely prove they should not be underestimated.

Between the laughs and the heart, everything about Late Night is super genuine. I could have used a little melodrama, but overall this is one clever comedy I wouldn’t skip.

Final Thoughts: One Late Night you should stay up for.

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