2019 Oscar Predictions

In an awards season full of drama and unpredictability (and no host in sight), we are just days away from finding out will take the coveted Academy Award home.

Who will win and who should win? Here are my hot takes:

Best Picture
Who should win?
 It is always remarkable to see a film completely alter a genre and add a different perspective or level of depth. That is why I’m saying Black Panther should win the Best Picture this year. Superhero movies were never complex however Black Panther is rich with emotional and cultural depth. This is the first time ANY superhero film has been recognized by the Academy Awards. That says something in itself and I am all about awarding a film that breaks the mold. Plus, after their win at the SAG Awards, I want to believe in miracles. 

Another miracle that I would be here for is A Star is Born taking the top prize. Although the film isn’t reshaping a genre or making a bold statement, it’s a beautifully crafted story that will make even the darkest of cynics shed a tear.

Who will win? I know last year I lamented over how difficult it was to decide who will win. Little did I know I would be sitting here STUMPED for the 2019 Oscars. I am going to side with statistics this year and go with Roma. The film is not my top choice, however, with such a hefty resume of accolades, Roma may be the film of the year. 


Best Director
Who should win?
 Spike Lee. This visionary filmmaker earned his first Academy Award nomination for Blackkklansman.  He went to extraordinary lengths to create a visceral film with shocking parallels to our current society. I would love to see this legend receive the credit he deserves.

I would also like to take a moment to state my dissatisfaction for the Academy snubbing Bradley Cooper in his directorial debut for A Star is Born. The film earned 8 nominations – none of which  would be at all not be possible without Cooper’s vision and direction. Shame on you, Academy.

Who will win? Alfonso Cuaron. He’s unstoppable this season (and trust me, it’s well deserved – Roma is painfully beautiful), so he better start making some room on his shelf for another Oscar.


Best Actor
Who should win?
 READY FOR THE HOT TAKE? Ethan Hawke for First Reformed.  The actor gives the performance of his career. It’s absolutely gut-wrenching and has stuck with me this entire season. I am among the many who are confused and rather annoyed that his performance has been snubbed completely this awards season.

I know. I know. He isn’t nominated, and I guess that doesn’t count for the “should win” category. So if you’re going to be particular, I am going with Rami Malek.  

Who will win? Rami Malek. The Academy Awards are known for presenting accolades to those who completely disappear into their roles, and although Christian Bale did a great job in Vice, Malek was better and has the SAG Award on his side. That bad boy typically cements a win. Plus, Malek is the only decent part of Bohemian Rhapsody and the reason this movie is even being considered in the first place. But that’s a different story.

Best Actress
Who should win?
 Ok. So. In an ideal world, I would like Glenn Close, Lady Gaga and Olivia Coleman to all share this award. I was blown away by Lady Gaga’s vulnerability and honesty (and also her belting in “Shallow”),  while Coleman’s ability to transition from hysterical to broken to happy in a blink of an eye was incredible to watch on screen. But if you made me pick one, it would be Coleman. All hail the queen.

I would also want to give Toni Colette an honorary Oscar for her performance in Hereditary, which was also snubbed this season. Another shame on you, Academy moment.

Who will win? Glenn Close. Full disclosure: I have not seen The Wife so I cannot attest to her performance. I am basing this prediction on her plethora of awards leading up to the Oscars along with her grade A acceptance speeches. Plus, it’s Glenn Close. After SEVEN NOMINATIONS, this legend deserves an Oscar already.

Best Supporting Actor
Who should win?
 Mahershala Ali. His delivery as the intellectual, quiet, melancholy and sometimes comedic Dr. Shirley in Green Book is near perfection. Plus he has all the major awards already on his side. 

Who will win? It will be a clean sweep for Mahershala Ali. 

Best Supporting Actress
Who should win?
 Although I can make an argument for why every nominee in this category deserves the award (specifically Rachel Weisz), it is Regina King who has always remained on top for me. Her performance as a loving, caring and persistent mother is the core of the beautiful If Beale Street Could Talk

Who will win? Regina King. Although her exclusion from the SAG Awards turned a few heads, she is definitely the one to beat this season. 

Who do you think will be taking home some gold?

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