Fantastic performances can’t save “Vice” from falling flat.

It is 2000 and George W. Bush (Sam Rockwell) and his running mate, Dick Cheney (Christian Bale) have just won the presidential election. Not a stranger to the world of politics, Cheney decides to take his newfound power into his own hands, reshaping our country and history.

Without a doubt, this is an interesting narrative that I had very high hopes for. However, Vice is noting by a rather choppy, unfocused, long-winded, jam-packed and misguided voyage through politics. 

Director and writer, Adam McKay, uses the same gimmicky and satirical filmmaking that made The Big Short so successful, which unfortunately falls flat in Vice. The jokes were lost. The artistic symbolism was irritating. And honestly, I spent the latter portion of the movie checking my watch. 

Christian Bale, who is no stranger to transformative roles, is unrecognizable as he disappears into the ominous Cheney. He gives a compelling performance but is it worthy of another Oscar? I’m not sure. He’s fantastic, yes, but I never felt that “Oscar moment” like I did with last year’s best actor winner, Gary Oldman. I also found Amy Adams, who played Lynne Cheney, extremely impressive as well as Sam Rockwell’s hilarious Bush. 

Final Thoughts: Despite it’s grand performances, Vice is not worth your time or your headache. 

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