“Fighting with My Family” is a surprisingly good time.

Meet the Knights. They’re just your average family from England, who happen to be obsessed with all things wrestling.  Sister and brother duo, Paige (Florence Pugh) and Zak (Jack Lowden), receive the opportunity of a lifetime when they are invited to audition for WWE. However, when only Paige makes the cut and must move to the United States, she must face the cutthroat world of professional wrestling alone, discovering who she is and what she is made of.

I will be honest, based on the trailer, I was not sure how this narrative was going to play out on screen. I had my doubt, but after a 90% score on Rotten Tomatoes, I had to see what they hype was about.

Whether you like wrestling or not, Fighting With My Family will have you smiling and cheering throughout. With a solid cast and witty dialogue, this real-life story is a definite crowdpleaser.

Although the themes of watching an underdog become a champion feel cliche, predictable and “made for tv” at times, Fighting With My Family still manages to bring authenticity and heart. The Knight family – as wacky and wild as they may be – feel real as they struggle to balance between Paige’s dreams coming true and Zak’s dreams shattered. And that relatability has a lot to do with the cast, who are all perfectly placed. Even Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s (who produced the film) small role felt perfectly done where it wasn’t too much but just enough.

In a winter season full of duds, Fighting With My Family has been a sweet surprise that’s worth checking out.

Final Thoughts: From start to finish, Fighting With My Family is an entertaining joy.

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