“Isn’t it Romantic?” is the feel-good romantic comedy we need.

What better way to celebrate Galentine’s Day or Valentine’s Day than by seeing a romantic comedy that mocks its very genre?

Isn’t It Romantic? follows Natalie (Rebel Wilson), a cynical New Yorker, whose life turns upside down when she gets knocked unconscious only to wake up to an alternate universe, where she is the leading lady in a romantic comedy.

Love ’em or hate ’em, romantic comedies are iconic for their corniness, aesthetic and unforgettable pop tunes. Isn’t It Romantic? takes every ounce of the romantic comedy formula to create an enjoyable, predictable yet relatively clever satire.  It features every characteristic it mocks. I can’t say it is the most progressive film of the genre. But with a positive message and countless rom-com Easter eggs,  any rom-com lover will be sent into a tizzy.

Rebel Wilson is an absolute delight as Natali and really charms us as the “anti” leading lady. I also have to hand it to Liam Hemsworth, who was a hilarious blast on screen portraying the “pretty boy” character. The entire cast looked like they had such a blast making Isn’t It Romantic? that their joy was contagious.

Sometimes we don’t need earth shattering cinema to escape for a while. Sometimes we just need some corny one-liners and a kick-ass dance finale. And that’s okay.

Final Thoughts: It is far from perfect or earth shattering but Isn’t It Romantic? will make even the most cynical of souls smile.

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