“Ghosted” and disappointed.

After a fantastic first date, Cole (Chris Evans) falls hard for Sadie (Ana de Armas), only to find himself ghosted. Determined to reconnect, Cole sets out to surprise her while she is on a “business trip” in London only to discover Sadie is actually a CIA agent on a very important mission.

Candidly, I love both Evans and de Armas. They’re two of the most charming and effortlessly charismatic actors in Hollywood. I was thrilled to hear that they were casted in an action-based romantic comedy together. So with all of that being said, I REALLY wanted to love “Ghosted.”

And it is entertaining. I will give it that. But it is also sloppy, overly produced and predictable. The writing is empty and lazy, reminding me of a ChatGPT version of “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” but without any of the sexiness.

Oh yes. You heard me. Not sexy. Evans and de Armas don’t have any chemistry to launch their romance into something believable and worth rooting for. Shocking, isn’t it? And so disappointing. They had more heat in “Knives Out” than “Ghosted” — and they were enemies in “Knives Out!”

Nevertheless, it isn’t all a mess.

It is enjoyable to watch Chris Evans in a role that is so different than his Captain America. He is absolutely adorable to see him as an innocent, needy, nerdy farmer. Further proof that Evans is talented and needs to be in more films.

I’m also a sucker for good cameos. “Ghosted” is packed with them, which keeps you on your toes and any pop culture fans appeased.

So is “Ghosted” worth the watch? If you have nothing better to do. It’s along the same tier as so many Netflix films we’ve already seen before.

At least watch it for Chris Evans. Because even if “Ghosted” failed us, Chris never will.

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