“Evil Dead Rise” brings bloodbath to a new level.

In the newest installment of the cult classic, bloodthirsty, flesh-possessing demons are awakened by an ancient book, terrorizing a family in Los Angeles.

Paying homage to Raimi’s predecessors yet proudly beating to its own chaotic drum, “Evil Dead Rise” is a twisted bloodbath of tension, camera tricks and relentless gore. It is a wild ride and doesn’t let up for most of its 96 minute runtime.

And to be honest, do you expect anything less from an “Evil Dead” film?

However, “Evil Dead Rise” does struggle to get into its own groove. The deviation from the “cabin in the woods” simplicity did not enhance the storytelling. In fact, it slowed the pacing down.

There’s also an unnecessary and reaaaaaaaally weird pregnancy subplot. I want to think that writer/director, Lee Cronin, was trying to make us actually care about the characters, but you never really do.

But if you look past those flaws, you have a wildly entertaining horror flick boasting impressive camerawork and prosthetics. It boasts some gnarly sequences that actually had my friend squirming in her seat. Two words. Cheese grater.

Hot take but “Evil Dead” has yet to give us a truly bad movie in its name. Each “Evil Dead” film sticks to its formula and embraces what it has become notable for: creative, campy carnage and a helluva lotta blood.

And that’s what “Evil Dead Rise” succeeds in.

And if you go into “Evil Dead Rise” with those expectations, you’re golden.

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