Put your hands in the “AIR” for another Affleck directorial triumph.

From award winning director, Ben Affleck, “Air” reveals the game-changing story of how Sonny Vaccaro (Matt Damon) and Nike “courted” rookie, Michael Jordan, into a partnership that would revolutionize the world of sports.

Air Jordans have been one of the cornerstones in the sneaker world. And although I am not very up to date on that world, I was intrigued to learn their backstory. Plus, Affleck’s return to the director’s chair is enough to get me excited and in the theatre.

Well, fear not, Affleck has another is another slam dunk on his hands.

“Air” is a skillfully directed, sharply written and effortlessly entertaining — a true feel good crowd pleaser all around. The film follows a tried and true formula yet manages to still be inspirational, impactful and enjoyable. In other words, “Air” follows the saying, “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.”

Affleck sets his entire ensemble up for success. From a career best performance by Matt Damon to Chris Messina’s foul-mouthed sports agent, to an always perfect Viola Davis as the Jordan family matriarch, the entire ensemble shines, bringing the drab office rooms of the Nike headquarters to life. Plus, I love anytime Affleck is casted as a quirky supporting role.

But Michael Jordan is actually missing from this story.

Yes. That’s right. Michael Jordan isn’t a main player in the movie about his sneaker. Sure you will see archival footage but his face is obscured. Michael Jordan himself isn’t there.

This was a deliberate decision by Affleck, and honestly, I respect the hell out of it. We all know the legend Michael Jordan, but this allows us more insights on the team that supported him throughout his career. And now be became the FACE of Nike.

“Air” is sports film at its finest and one of the winners of 2023. Go see it. Yay Ben.

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