Enjoy an easy, breezy, mom-approved “Ticket to Paradise”.

In our time of need, Julia Roberts and George Clooney team up to give us a taste of nostalgia from the golden age of romantic comedies in Ticket to Paradise.

The dynamic duo stars as a divorced couple traveling to Bali to stop their daughter (Kaitlyn Dever) from getting married to a man she just met.

Everything about Ticket to Paradise feels like 2004, and that’s totally okay. It’s delightfully predictable and an utterly charming escape to beautiful Bali with America’s sweethearts.

And if this feel good frenzy doesn’t get you going, then the picture perfect setting of Bali will. There’s no denying that Ticket to Paradise will have you wanting to book a ticket to Bali. I whispered to my boyfriend, “I WANT TO BE THERE” only a million times throughout the film.

Roberts and Clooney have undeniable chemistry as the leads. Plus it’s so much fun to watch THEM have fun together. Hell, there’s even a blooper reel. That’s how much fun they had filming this.

I did have two major qualms.

1. All of the big laughs were already plastered all over their trailers and marketing materials. I HATE when this happens.

2. We desperately needed more Billie Lourde. Lourde plays the party girl friend of Dever’s and she’s just hilarious. Plus, let’s be honest. Everything needs more Billie Lourde.

So if you’re in the mood to something easy, breezy and just plain enjoyable, take a Ticket to Paradise. And watch this the way it was meant to be – with your mom hysterically laughed for it’s entirety.

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