Despite its dazzling cast, “The School for Good and Evil” doesn’t pass the test.

Charlize Theron. Michelle Yeoh. Kerry Washington. Cate Blanchett. Patti Lupone.

No. This isn’t just a list of fierce actresses I admire, but some of the ensemble for Netflix’s new fantasy film, The School for Good and Evil.

Based on the best-selling young adult series, the film follows best friends, Sophie and Agatha (Sophia Anne Caruso and Sofia Wylie), who whisked away to a magical institution where the two find themselves on opposing sides of the battle between — you guessed it — good and evil.

If Harry Potter and the Descendants had a baby, it would be Paul Feig’s vapid, CGI-eye sore of a Netflix adaptation.

Despite its stellar ensemble and gorgeous costumes, this is one school I wouldn’t enroll in. Sofia Wylie does a great job carrying this convoluted narrative on her back and our ferocious actresses do a great job with what they’re given as well. But it’s the material that’s so…messy. The writing is corny, the effects are bad, and the editing is rough.

Sure, it’s a totally mindless watch. And I’m sure some tweens will “ship it” but compared to current fantasy films of this day and age, The School for Good and Evil is forgettable.

I have not read the series, but according to my research, the film took some liberties with the characters and the plot. And lets just say, some fans were displeased on the Twitterverse.

Unfortunately, The School for Good and Evil goes into Netflix’s repertoire of big budget-low payoff films. Another disappointment and a blemish on a talented actor’s resume.

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