“Barbarian” is bananas.

A young woman (Georgina Campbell) arrives late at night to her AirBNB only to find out that it has been mistakenly double booked by another person (Bill Skarksgård). She decides to stay, only to uncover some “barbaric” discoveries.

2021 had Malignant and now 2022 has Barbarian. And if you don’t know what any of that means, to put it plainly literally nothing is what it seems in its marketing material.

Totally unpredictable from start to finish, you should go onto seeing Barbarian 100% spoiler-free. That being said from here on out, there are **SPOILERS AHEAD** so you have been warned.

Ready? OK.

Barbarian is total thrill ride full of tense suspense, fear and some gnarly moments. Much like the dark tunnels our characters find themselves in, it is really hard to tell where the narrative it going. And let’s be real, it’s pure insanity. My audience was gasping then howling. It was a RANGE of emotions and a whole bunch of WTF moments that will keep you hooked until the end.

But when you look past the shock factors and dig into the premise, the concept of Barbarian is looking into the monstrous psyche of men from a few different perspectives. Basically the film is doing what Men wanted to do in a more brutal and upfront way. And although the finale is a lot, it somehow all works?

I went with two friends and we all had very different opinions of the overall production, however we can all agree on one thing — no matter the time or age, men are barbarians.

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