Sweet and snarky “Bros” is representation done right

A LGBTQI+ romantic comedy that authentically champions the community in mainstream cinema?

About damn time!

And y’all. Bros is not just a good LGBTQI+ romantic comedy, or a great romantic comedy — it’s a great film. Period.

Bros is a ferociously funny romantic comedy that follows the relationship of two men (Billy Eichner and Luke Macfarlene) who have commitment issues. It is a perfect blend of comedy, cynicism, tenderness, and pure joy, gleefully jabbing at the genre while shamelessly embracing its charm.

It’s not just an ode to the romantic comedy and all of its cliches, but a statement on LGBTQI+ culture and the community’s relationship with sex and finding love. Eichner, who you may know as the comedian who screams at people on the street, also co-wrote the film. He has added a lot of his signature humor, including some zippy one liners that had me howling.

We all know he’s hilarious, but he also adds a lot of valuable and emotional insight to the film. And he proves to us that he is a relatable and endearing leading man. And his onscreen relationship with Macfarlene is so honest. The two have absolutely incredible chemistry and the purest of emotion. Their journey feels real, and that’s what made them so easy to fall in love with and root for.

Bros is not only a milestone for the film industry but it’s a genuinely fantastic story. It’s a special moment that we should all celebrate. Bravo, Billy Eichner!

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