Entertaining “Lightyear” is action packed family fun.

In 1996, the world met Buzz Lightyear — a space ranger of epic proportions. Buzz isn’t just a toy, but one of Toy Story’s most beloved heroes, who will go to “infinity and behind” to save the universe and keep his family of toys together.

But who really IS Buzz Lightyear?

Disney and Pixar introduce us to the inspiration behind the action figure in Lightyear, starring Chris Evans. The film follows Buzz Lightyear as he embarks on an intergalactic adventure with a quirky group of recruits and soon to be everyone’s favorite robotic cat, Sox.

With sprinkles of Interstellar, Top Gun, Star Wars and a whole lot of Disney fun, Lightyear is an action-packed and gorgeously animated blast that the whole family will enjoy.

Although it certainly not as creative or innovative as Pixar’s previous films, I found the plot intriguing with its fast pace and inclusive characters. Although, I must confess, that there is a point the story veers into some seriously weird time traveling stuff that felt unnecessary. However, Lightyear’s humor and heart is sure to win audiences over.

Many have complained about creating a “new” Buzz and not leveraging Tim Allen’s voice, I honestly preferred Chris Evans’s interpretation. The confidence and courage in his vocal performance come off more authentic and committed than Allen’s. And don’t worry Buzz fans, Evans does a fantastic job delivering all of Buzz’s iconic lines.

But it’s truly Sox’s film. Voiced by Peter Sohn, this adorable side kick is my real hero of the film. I don’t think I’ve seen my friends squeal and laugh so much during an animated movie in a LONG time. Truly one of the best new characters to come from Disney in a whole.

Lightyear may not go to “infinity and beyond” to impress, but it is an entertaining and enjoyable addition in Disney’s growing film catalog. And sometimes it doesn’t have to be a masterpiece just to have some galactic fun.

Final Thoughts: Go for Lightyear. Stay for Sox. Smile all the way through.

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