Netflix’s “Spiderhead” disappoints.

In the near future, prisoners have the option to serve their time as volunteer test subjects at Spiderhead, a state of the art facility testing new drugs that alter their emotions and perception of reality.

One of their subjects, Jeff (Miles Teller) begins to question the the purpose of these drugs as well as the charming pharmaceutical genius behind these tests (Chris Hemsworth).

With a highly original plot and two strong actors taking lead, Spiderhead had so much potential to become a Netflix hit.

And yet. Le sigh. Here we are.

Spiderhead starts strong with a compelling concept that will draw viewers into the narrative. And then, it looses momentum and falls flat. It plays it too safe resulting in a final product that feels more lik an average episode of Black Mirror or like a poor man’s Severance rather than a strong motion picture.

Don’t get me wrong — Spiderhead is far from a disaster. Hemsworth gives a strong performance, with a great support by Teller and Smollett. Plus, they’re all fun to look at it.

There’s just such a lot missing, resulting in a huge disappointment. Which sadly has become the case for so many of Netflix’s original films.

Final Thoughts: Unfortunately, Thor and Rooster couldn’t save this lackluster script from becoming another forgettable high budget film in Netflix’s portfolio.

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