Although not the strongest, “Fear Street: 1666” is a solid finale to a thrilling trilogy.

Alas, our three week adventure on Fear Street comes to an end with the final bloody chapter.

Fear Street: 1666 takes us to back to the very beginning of the Shadyside curse, where the colonial town becomes wrapped up in a deadly witch hunt. But will our teens from 1994 discover the truth behind the town’s curse in time to save the day?

Fear Street: 1666 feels like two very different films put together.

No seriously. There are even two title cards.

The first act — the 1666 part — is a supernatural folk horror, capturing grim elements from films like The Witch and The Crucible. It is also stuffed with insufferably poor accents, uncomfortable themes and unsettling gore.

And although this origin story is intriguing, it does not mesh as well with the rest of the Fear Street storytelling. It feels like a totally separate entity.

But fear not, the second act is basically a part two Fear Street: 1994, meaning we return back to the campy, stylish slasher vibes fans adore. It’s hella bloody and hella entertaining with its signature needle drop musical moments although I must admit there were far too many flashback moments that felt unnecessary.

However despite the pacing issues and flawed two act combination, they culminate a satisfying conclusion for the trilogy, with the perfect teaser to set up future Fear Street installments (because we have to milk everything, don’t we!)

Overall, Fear Street is a fun, fresh and female-driven horror trilogy that is worth the watch. It wasn’t a work of genius but it is the campy fun you expect from summer horror slashers that will make a wide demographic of bloodthirsty viewers happy.

Final Thoughts: Definitely not the strongest on its own, but Final Street: 1666 is a strong and satisfying conclusion to a gruesomely great trilogy.

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