Despite its chaos, “The Boss Baby: Family Business” is still sweet, silly fun.

With the help of magical baby formula, estranged adult siblings, Ted and Timothy Templeton (Alec Baldwin and James Marsden), are transformed back into toddlers to uncover an evil plot plaguing BabyCorp.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I found The Boss Baby utterly adorable. Something about that little baby with big eyes, rocking a suit and a mini-briefcase, sharing cliché business advice that really tickled me.

Did I need a sequel? Absolutely not.

The original story concluded on such a sweet note. But when anything succeeds at the box office, studios need to milk it for all its worth.

Enter The Boss Baby: Family Business — a formulaic, entertaining and preposterous narrative that copies and pastes the high notes and quirks from its predecessor straight into the sequel for double duty.

We all know recycling formulas can get sour, and unfortunately in this case, it does not make up for the ridiculous baby hijinx stuffed into the plot. And all of these absurd elements detract from its moral center, because at the end of the day, The Boss Baby: Family Business does have good messages.

Speaking of good, the ensemble of vocal performances continue to be impressive, with new additions of Jeff Goldblum and Amy Sedaris, who definitely add to the wacky nature of the plot. Plus, who can resist Goldblum in…anything, am I right?

Despite its ridiculousness, The Boss Baby: Family Business is a mindless, adorable joy watch. Plus the kids will love it and you can stream it on Peacock.

Final Thoughts: Although sweet and sentimental, The Boss Baby: Family Business recycles its original formula and pumps in a whole new level of chaos. So if you weren’t a fan the first time, I suggest skipping.

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