“A Quiet Place: Part II” is double the suspense.

Picking up right where A Quiet Place left off, the Abbott family must leave their home and venture beyond the sand path and into the terrifying unknown.

Even though we return to a silent yet familiar territory, Krasinski manages to heighten the tension. He uses similar suspenseful tools that we all loved from the films predecessor, but keeps it fresh, expanding this world.

Since sound (or lack there of) plays such an important role, it should be no surprise that the sound and score are exceptional. They add in a layer of palm-sweating anxiety that make this such a unique film experience.

What I love so much about the original film, is that it is this emotionally rich family story woven into a suspenseful horror film. Thankfully, Kransinski hasn’t lost sight of its heart and the human drama that makes this story so impactful.

And a lot of that impact is thanks to its ensemble performance, who each bring an authentic rawness as they individually grapple with grief and survival. Millicent Simmons continues to astound, while Emily Blunt is nothing short of perfection. New addition, Cillian Murphy, also adds a new layer of depth.

All in all, I am eager to see where this story goes – especially the way the sequel ended.

But for the love of God, please give the Abbott family some shoes.

Final Thoughts: Krasinski manages to pull off a gripping, fascinating and suspenseful sequel.

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