“A Quiet Place” is a well-crafted and tender-hearted thriller

A Quiet Place follows The Abbots, a family of four who lives in silence to prevent being destroyed by mysterious and violent creatures who hunt by sound. Will their survivalist methods save them or threaten their safety?
John Krasinski’s directorial debut is a tense, thrilling and wildly original film that plays on our senses in only the most brilliant of storytelling techniques. Although the power of silence is often emphasized in horror films, none really capture the stress and anxiety of it like A Quiet Place.
Every soundless scene will leave the audience on edge, covering their eyes and mouths not knowing what will happen next to this lovable family. Some moments lack logic, and the film has a somewhat clean close (although, I found it satisfying). However, these elements are not distracting enough to draw you away from this fast-paced and intelligent spin on a classic monster movie.
Although solid jump scares will shock the audience, what really took me by surprise was the amount of intimacy and love in the film. I don’t think I’ve ever cared so much about the central family more in a horror movie.
Perhaps this is because John Krasinski and Emily Blunt are married in real life, and we can see their love reflected on screen.  It could also be because their on-screen children (played by Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe) are utterly captivating.
Whatever way you slice it or dice it, the performances are masterful and at times, devastating. I wish I was warned ahead of time that I may cry, so I’m reminding you now: bring a tissue.
In the past, horror movies never left me with a gut punch. This has changed in the last year as we seem to be in the midsts of a horror film renaissance. A Quiet Place is a solid addition to this change in the genre, proving that horror can have heart.
Final Thoughts: A Quiet Place is a successful and smart thriller that will pull at your heartstrings and stress you out – in all the right ways.

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