“The Woman in the Window” is lame Hitchcock wannabe.

The Woman in the Window has finally hit Netflix, but is this highly anticipated thriller worth the wait? Or is this contemporary spin of Rear Window more of a disappointment?

Well. Based on the title. You know where this review is going.

For those of you unaware of the premise, The Woman in the Window follows a reclusive agoraphobic woman (Amy Adams) who witnesses a disturbing crime while spying on her new neighbors. It’s a twisty murder mystery lead by an unreliable narrator. Intriguing, right?

For the first hour, I had hope. I was engrossed. However, despite its stellar cast and compelling source material, The Woman in the Window is a messy let down.

Being that the film takes so much inspiration from Rear Window’s playbook, I expected more suspense and excitement. I wanted the heart pounding dread I still feel while watching Rear Window.

But unfortunately the twists and turns are lame. In fact, the final act or “big reveal” a little anticlimactic…and dare I say it, campy?

What I will say is that Amy Adams gives a solid performance (as always, am I right?) as a our troubled protagonist losing her grip on reality.

However, we need to sign her onto stronger projects with less cringeworthy scripts…I mean, between this and the miserable, Hillbilly Elegy, there as to be something more promising on the horizon – right?

Final Thoughts: The Woman in the Window is a lousy thriller full of promise that will leave you disappointment. Just go rewatch Rear Window.

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