Jordan carries formulaic action flick, “Without Remorse”.

Seeking revenge for the murder of his pregnant wife, an Navy SEAL (Michael B. Jordan) uncovers an international conspiracy that could result in war in Amazon Prime’s adaptation of Tom Clancy’s hit novel, Without Remorse.

Although the nonstop action sequences are relatively engaging, Without Remorse is bland, cold, and predictable — a mediocre and mindless action flick, if you will.

The political espionage, revenge-driven plot feels outdated. Like, if this was being produced in the 1990’s (which is when the novel came out), we’d have a hit on our hands. But nowadays, I crave to be challenged more in this sub-genre…if we even need it at all.

I also crave more colorful characters in my film watching and…well, substance. So, if you’re not looking to connect and just want to watch a 90’s throwback mixed with Call of Duty-esque action, this is for you.

If there’s one thing that I did love without any remorse (see what I did there?), it’s Michael B. Jordan.

The man CARRIES the entire production on his back (…almost literally) with a deeply committed and raw performance. Sure, the script is subpar, but he made lemonade out of the situation.

Although the film definitely set itself up to become a franchise, I don’t know if this will take off in the way Paramount and Amazon intended.

Final Thoughts: All too familiar and not too interesting, Without Remorse’s only saving grace is Jordan’s charismatic command.

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