“The Mitchells vs the Machines” is a shockingly funny delight.

The Mitchells family road trip hits a major speed bump when they find themselves in the middle of a robot apocalypse in Netflix’s newest animated film, The Mitchells vs the Machines.

I’m not going to lie, I didn’t expect much going into this film. It looked kind of goofy and the bug-eyed animation isn’t really my aesthetic.

However, after seeing a couple of rave reviews on Twitter, I figured, why not?

Plus, this film is coming from the geniuses behind animated successes, The LEGO Movie AND Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse — so maybe I should give it a whirl.

And it’s safe to say Sony Animation has another hit on their hands.

The Mitchells vs the Machines is an energetic, fun, and highly original film that the whole family can enjoy. The script is actually wildly entertaining and fresh — packed with zany characters, nonstop action, countless movie references, lots of love, hilarious jokes and FURBY. Yes. I said FURBY.

The Mitchells vs the Machines has woven in our attachment to technology and social media in an organic and creative way that’s quite mature for a film of this stature. But it doesn’t make it any less fun, or heartwarming.

And in a huge milestone, The Mitchells vs the Machines effortlessly embraces LGBTQI representation. It’s such a tiny moment, but it speaks VOLUMES to queer youth. For them to be able to see themselves on screen IN an animated movie? Monumental.

Unlike many of the other Netflix originals that have been coming out (like Stowaway…that I completely decided to skip over reviewing. I’m not sorry. It was that boring.), this is one gem you shouldn’t skip.

Final Thoughts: With creativity, humor, and progressive themes, The Mitchells vs the Machines is a winning example that Sony Animation is ahead of their time when it comes to animated storytelling.

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