“Godzilla VS. Kong” is an epic battle royale stuffed with stunning effects.

An epic battle of the ages between two larger than life legends take the big screen in Godzilla VS. Kong. And trust me, this is one you’ll want to catch on the biggest screen you have access to.

I have mentioned before, that there’s a certain expectation that I go into with these popcorn-munching-blockbuster-monster-movie. It’s not a bad thing. It’s just the truth.

There’s some semblance of a dramatic plot filled with nonsense, disposable characters whose name you’ll forget in five minutes, and a WHOLE lot of CGI action.

You pick a titan to root for (in my case, King Kong, because he’s a sweetie with personality) and hope to hell they’ll have a “Martha” moment where the monsters call a truce and realize the world is wide enough for both of them.

And although Godzilla VS. Kong definitely fits this mold, its spectacular visuals and exceptional battle sequences make the latest creature-led flick a feast for the eyes and sheer enjoyable entertainment.

Director, Adam Wingard, knows the Monsterverse is a loud and bombastic franchise and doesn’t shy away from giving the audience what they want. In fact, he over delivers on the aspects that we thrive — exhilarating special effects and a lot of intense moments of nonstop action that will leave the audience cheering.

It was a fun time but definitely not something I’d watch again without Aleve. But it’s the sort of movie going experience worth enjoying in a movie theatre. It brings me such joy to be surrounded by excited movie goers again…even if we’re just cheering on a giant lizard and gorilla.

Final Thoughts: The human parts of Godzilla VS. Kong are boring, but the battles are *chef’s kiss* perfection.

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