“Raya and the Last Dragon” is a beautifully animated adventure.

Disney’s latest animated feature takes us to the far away of Kumandra, where humans and dragons once lived together peacefully until mythical plague-like beings, the Druun, invade. To protect their land and humanity, the dragons sacrifice themselves.

As time passes, the Druun returns leading a fearless warrior, Raya (Kelly Tran), on a quest to find the last dragon and stop the Druun from destroying Kumandra.

Raya and the Last Dragon features dynamic characters, action-packed adventure, and heartfelt messages about trust and unity, making it an a big win for Walt Disney Animation.

Although the film dips into so many of the predictable Disney formulas, it still manages to feel fresh and exciting thanks to its talented Asian-American cast.

As far as “Disney princesses” go, Raya is 100% BAD ASS and Kelly Tran gives her such emphatic and admirable qualities than you cannot help but relate to her.

The other stand out actress is Awkwafini, who voices the last dragon, Sisu. Awkwafini has such humor and charisma in her voice, that you immediately fall in love with this lovable sidekick (who by the way, totally looks like Elsa if she were a dragon, because Disney just can’t let it go).

But not only does the film have a fun story and great ensemble, it is also visual feast. The animation is jaw-dropping. From the mystical glory of the dragons to the lush Asian inspired landscapes, it’s gorgeous. Just when you don’t think Disney can add more realism to its digital artistry, the animators take it up a notch.

Although it will take time for Raya and the Last Dragon to gain momentum (that $30 access fee on Disney+ is definitely deterring people from watching), it will become another Disney classic that all will enjoy.

Final Thoughts: A beautiful adventure, Raya and the Last Dragon, is a hit that will entertain every member of the family. Definitely worth the purchase.

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