“Thunder Force” is an unfunny bore.

Netflix’s lastesf flick is an example of a superhero spoof gone terribly wrong.

Thunder Force follows childhood friends (Octavia Spencer and Melissa McCarthy) who transform into an unlikely superhero duo, when one creates a formula to give ordinary people extraordinary powers.

I mean, I hate to say it, but, going into any Ben Falcone-Melissa McCarthy project, I should have known what to expect. The real life couple tend to create very unfunny films together. I even saw a headline begging McCarthy to stop working with her husband (talk about awkward).

But for some reason, with Octavia Spencer sharing the lead, I wanted to be pleasantly surprised in Thunder Force. Because let’s be real, if there’s one thing Spencer can do, it’s make sweet lemonade out of super average lemons (i.e. Ma).

But no. Spencer definitely deserved better than this mess.

Thunder Force is a tedious waste of two hours, stuffed full of bad writing, worse action, cheap elongated McCarthy-esque gags, and Jason Bateman sporting crab claws.

It’s ridiculous, obnoxious and probably one of the most painful duds I’ve sat through recently. A waste of time and a waste of talent, I wish I could tell you something positive, but this is one super squad worth skipping.

Final Thoughts: Thunder Force is a snore. Skip.

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