“Secret Society of Second-Born Royals” is an underwelming Disney channel version of “Avengers” for tweens.

Rebellious second-born princess, Sam (Peyton Elizabeth Lee), discovers she has unique super powers and belongs to a secret society responsible for protecting their kingdoms.

If you’ve been sorely missing super corny Disney Channel-esque movies, then this is just for you.

Secret Society of Second Born Royals follows the Disney Channel original movie formula (even a bit of a musical number) resulting in a predictable and plucky family film.

I was intially intrigued by the premise. It sounded interesting. And I love me some Skylar Aston.

However, Secret Society of Second Born Royals is a mixture of X-Men meets The Descendents, making it super cliché and mindlessly entertaining — like Avengers designed for tweens not interested in typical superhero movies.

However, the film has epic pacing issues and spends far too long training the film’s heroes instead of getting into the action. And even the action misfires and is clunky and disappointing.

I personally wish Disney would have used this concept for a series instead of a film. That way they could actually build out this world, the society and its characters. It could have been a really fun and interesting movie if Disney decided to dream a little more dangerously instead of sticking to the formula.

Final Thoughts: Secret Society of Second Born Royals underwhelms with a formulaic script and falls into one the more forgettable original movies that has hit Disney+.

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