“Hubie Halloween” is a humorless hot mess.

It wouldn’t be the holidays without a made-for-Netflix seasonal flick, am I right?

This time, Adam Sandler takes center stage to bring us Hubie Halloween, a wacky comedy who follows Salem’s “Official Halloween Helper” as he finds himself in the midsts of a murder investigation.

Although the film is packed with an all-star cast of comedians ranging from Maya Rudolph to Julie Bowen to even June Squibb, Hubie Halloween is unfortunately very un-funny.

The plot is super lazy, as is the acting. It’s the typical formulaic Sandler underdog story just with with Halloween elements — think The Waterboy meets a Spirit Halloween store.

Although I didn’t expect much, I thought we’d at least have some positive sequences or a few laughs. But no. No laughs were had. .

But here’s my biggest issue with Hubie Halloween: it is 2020. Do we REALLY need a dumb man-child Sandler voiced comedy?

No. Absolutely not. It makes the film SUPER regressive and a huge turn off. Honestly, I think I would have liked the movie more if Sandler was more of himself.

Is this the WORST FILM EVER that Sandler promised us if he didn’t get an Oscar for Uncut Gems?

Eh. Not the worst. But it makes you wonder…

Final Thoughts: Hubie Halloween is one flick spooky season could do without.

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