“Project Power” is the preposterous popcorn flick we needed this summer.

If there was a pill that could give you super powers for just five minutes, would you take it?

What if you didn’t know what the super power would be? You could burst into flames, turn invisible, become bullet proof or even explode. But you don’t know until you take it.

This illegal substance — lovingly named POWER — has hit the streets of New Orleans sparking an ex-soldier (Jamie Foxx), cop (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and a drug dealer (Dominique Fishback) to team up to discover the source of this pill.

Well, this seems to be the Netflix summer of action and superheroes. Am I right?

Without a doubt, Project Power is a really cool concept. It has star power, pulse-pounding action sequences and a great soundtrack — all the elements you need for a summer popcorn flick.

Does Project Power make sense? Absolutely not.

This is one of those action films that you fully need to suspend your sense of reality for or else you end up asking too many questions, and not enjoying any of it.

But yes. It is preposterous. Even the corny jokes and banter become way too much (this which cringeworthy reference to Frozen). And sadly the film goes from compelling to chaotic way too fast.

Project Power had the potential to be a truly smart superhero film. It has such an interesting ORIGINAL concept, but relishes in too much of the stereotypical summer silliness.

Final Thoughts: Project Power is crazy. It’s silly. But it’s an entertaining and high octane escape that’s welcomed in 2020.

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