“Magic Camp” conjures up a cheesy, second-rate family comedy.

Andy (Adam Devine) returns to his roots when he becomes a counselor at his childhood Magic Camp. Determined to reignite his failed career by winning the Golden Wand competition, his group of young, misfit campers help him rediscover his love of magic.

Despite the quirky concept, Magic Camp is far from original.  It’s probably one of the more forgettable films we have seen from Disney+ since it’s start. Sure, it has some witty and heartfelt scenes, but something about Magic Camp is…well, not magical.

Trust me, it’s no disaster (yes, I’m talking about you, Artemis Fowl). The cast is fresh-faced and fun to watch on screen. The magic acts are fun (even though they’re no David Blaine) and there are a lot of enjoyable, cheesy moments.

However, this easily falls into the wealth of mindless and digestible content that is ideal for summer streaming – especially if you’re looking for something safe for your whole family to enjoy.

Magic Camp does contain three elements I am a sucker for: magic, kids embracing their inner nerd, and Adam Devine.

One thing all of those items have in common is that they don’t play it safe. In fact, what makes each of them edgy and unique is what makes them exciting and enjoyable.

I wish Disney didn’t avoid rocking the family-friendly boat with Magic Camp. It would have been nice to see them show off the inner weird that most magicians embrace – even in a PG rating sort of way.

Final Thoughts: These magicians are not cut out for Vegas or even a cruise ship, but hey, Magic Camp is a charming and cheesy watch.


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