Silly “Spies in Disguise” is mindless family fun.

When one of the world’s top spies, Lance Stirling (Will Smith), is unexpectedly turned into a pigeon by tech geek, Walter (Tom Holland), the two must team up to save the world.

Normally, I wouldn’t seek out seeing an animated film about pigeons —mainly because I hate pigeons.

However, I had the opportunity to attend an advanced screening and found myself pleasantly surprised.

Spies in Disguise is no Coco or Inside Out, but it is very creative, energetic and full of valuable life lessons. It’s fast paced and jam packed with wacky animated action.

As far as children’s films go, this one is pretty entertaining. Yes, it has plenty of humor for the younger audiences but there are a handful of adult jokes and witty remarks that are enjoyable.

Spies in Disguise embraces its weirdness and incredibly talented cast. It’s really hard to not like the chemistry between Tom Holland and Will Smith. The two are undeniably dynamic.

Will you remember it in a couple of months? Probably not. At the end of the day, this family friendly film isn’t daring enough to make an impact. It’s fun but it is forgettable.

However, this film shows that Blue Sky does have potential to grow into creating more heartfelt and unique films for all to enjoy.

Maybe it just needs to move away from animated bird movies.

Final Thoughts: Is Spies in Disguise a must-see? No. But it is goofy mindless fun with something for everyone.

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