Raw and devastating “A Marriage Story” is an emotional powerhouse.

Charlie (Adam Driver) and Nicole’s (Scarlett Johansson) marriage unravels as the two struggle through a grueling divorce in Noah Baumbach’s heart wrenching A Marriage Story.

A Marriage Story is one of those rare films that isn’t afraid to rip your heart out. It does not fear to dive into the ugliness of divorce and the harsh realities of two people falling out of love. This raw authenticity of watching the two protagonists go through the rollercoaster of grief, rage, and acceptance is what makes A Marriage Story so remarkable and so heart breaking.

The film also boasts masterful career-best performances by both Driver and Johansson. Both are absolutely electric and extremely awards worthy. Driver in particular blew me away. The way we watch him grieve and grapple with the separation with such delicate authenticity. It’s rare to make me cry, but Driver really did break my heart.

A Marriage Story also features a fantastic firecracker performance from Laura Dern, who is definitely a strong contender for this Awards Season. Then again, Laura Dern is fabulous in everything.

Unlike The Irishman and Roma, A Marriage Story was one of the first Netflix produced films that completely 100% captivated me. So maybe it isn’t about the platform or method of viewing, but about the storytelling.

And when it comes to A Marriage Story, storytelling is a massive success.

Final Thoughts: One of the most emotional cinematic experiences of the year, A Marriage Story is worth every minute of its viewing. Make sure to have some tissues handy.

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