“Noelle” is fresh holiday fun for the whole family.

What happens when Santa (Bill Hader) disappears days before Christmas? An exciting and hilarious rescue mission by his sister, Noelle (Anna Kendrick)

I had the opportunity to attend an early screening of Noelle, one of the first movies for Disney’s streaming service, Disney+. And it was the perfect introduction into what kind of content we can expect – SUPER enjoyable.

We live in a world where we get an overload of corny Christmas movies that are all kind of the same. Although Noelle is predictable, it feels fresh and fun in comparison to the other holiday movies coming from Netflix, Lifetime and Hallmark.

Anna Kendrick is perfect casting as Noelle. Her quirky delivery and perky presence is a joy to watch on screen. I also loved Shirley MacLaine’s performance as the Kringle family’s elf nanny.

Is it award worthy? No. But is it enjoyable? Absolutely. It’s a perfect movie for streaming and for the holiday season.

Final Thoughts: Heartfelt and original, Noelle is a perfect addition to the holiday season.

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