Live action “Lady and the Tramp” is charming but forgettable

Get ready to enjoy another Bella Notte with everyone’s favorite pups in the Disney Plus live action remake, Lady and the Tramp.

The adventure of an upper class cocker spaniel named Lady and her spunky schnauzer pal, Tramp, is beloved amongst the Disney community and dog lovers alike. But how does a live action retelling work?

Well. It could have been worse but it also could have been better.

First things first, the dogs are adorable. I think I spent most of this movie squealing over how precious these pups are. I love that Disney semi-used real dogs in the production instead of using just CGI for everything like The Lion King and The Jungle Book. It adds a realistic sweetness to the film, even if their CGI moving mouths are slightly creepy.

Another sweet addition is the diverse human cast. It adds another layer to this classic tale and makes it more relatable for this new audience.

But unfortunately the charm of the lovable canine cast and the modern updates can make this remake a total stand out.

There are moments that are truly magical. For example the entire “Bella Notte” sequence was perfectly executed and “He’s a Tramp” is a hoot thanks to Janelle Monáe.

But the slow pace and clumsy writing makes the film a little dull. It loses some of the original liveliness and zest from the animated feature.

A lot of Lady and the Tramp has this “straight to DVD” vibe. Which I guess is what makes it perfect for something like Disney Plus.

It’s safe. It’s simple. And it is great for an at home mindless watch.

Overall Thoughts: It is surely not as strong as its animated classic but Lady and the Tramp is still too cute to not watch.

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