“Jojo Rabbit” is hilarious, moving and completely original.

Growing up can be lonely, especially in Germany during World War II. This is why Jojo (Roman Griffin Davis) has made an invisible friend, Adolf Hitler (Taika Waititi). Jojo’s blind nationalism is put to the test when he discovers his mother (Scarlett Johansson) has been hiding a Jewish girl in their attic.

Upon first hearing the concept of Jojo Rabbit, it’s hard to believe it will be reflected on screen successfully. But it does. It is a perfect mixture of loud out loud comedy with a strong coming of age narrative that dissects humanity, the fragility of life and the horrors of hatred.

It’s safe to say that Jojo Rabbit won’t appeal to all audiences. It’s humor and absurdity isn’t for everyone. I personally relished in Waititi’s daring script and unforgettable characters.

The performances were all very strong. Davis, whose innocence, kindness and sincerity are so authentic as young Jojo. Johansson also has a strong performance as his mother, with dynamic delivery and onscreen presence.

But it is Waititi that is the true stand out. His caricature of Hitler is honestly one of the funniest performances I have seen. It’s bizarre, hilarious and captivating. Honestly, who knew we could make one of the darkest figures of history so funny?

Final Thoughts: Jojo Rabbit is a wild anti-hate satire filled with humor and heart. It is definitely worth a watch.

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